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Bait Boat Common Problems -Trouble Shooting


1.Boat Fails to Boot

Check whether the hull and the remote control battery are connected correctly; 2. Check whether the power on the hull and the remote control switch are turned on; 3. Check if battery is out of power and charge the battery or replace the battery if battery is defected. Send to our email on instruction book for replacement or leave us a message on our website

2.Remote control distance is too short

1. Check whether the hull antenna is twisted in place; 2. If the indicator light on the remote control flashes, please replace the remote control battery; 3. Replace the antenna when it is bad.

3.Single propeller does not work

1. If the boat is on land, it is normal that one of the propellers does not work while turned on, because the gyroscope in the product does not work on land and you must put it on the surface of the water for test.

4.The boat yaws(off navigation)

1. Check whether the propeller is entangled with weeds; 2. Put the boat on the ground, it must be flat, and then re-calibrate the remote control and the boat by long pressing the pairing key on left of ON button and turn on the remote control and boat respectively.

5.Boat and remote controller can be turned on but you can not control the boat

Re-calibrate remote controller and the boat as bullet point 4 above.

6.Boat auto controls itself not by person

1.Check if buttons of RC is stuck. 2.If no buttons stuck most likely the RC has water in, replace RC.

7.GPS not working

1. First of all, the boat must be outdoors in an open place to receive GPS information, and it is not possible to search for satellite positioning inside the rooms; 2.The GPS positioning time from booting to displaying GPS information is within 60 seconds, and it could be 30 seconds in good weather.

8.RC GPS displays"999"

1. This information usually occurs in last fixed positioning point when you come back home or move to other places and the distance is out of the set position,it does not recognize. Press "OK" button on the remote control to clear all the positioning information for last job.

9.GPS boat propeller automatically turns on, and the boat automatically travels or returns

1. This situation occurs when the positioning origin is set, when the hull system detects that the battery is low or it cannot detect the signal from the remote control, boat will automatically returns home(when home postions are set); 2. The GPS signal is lost. There are two reasons for this situation. One is the interference of the surrounding magnetic field, and the other is that the clouds in the sky are too thick.

10.When boat auto returns home it deviates much from the correct direction

1. It is normal for the GPS boat to deviate by 10-30 degrees when using automatic return route. If it exceeds much of this range, please re-calibrate the boat according to the steps on 4. 2. It should be re-calibrated every time you change to a new environment because the GPS information in open air is different.

11.GPS boat turns around while returning

1. Put the boat on flat ground, re-calibrate the boat and the remote control, "the boat will automatically restore the gyroscope when the code is configured". Follow question 4 above.

12.Hoppers can not be flipped

1.There is a sound when you press the button for flipping hoppers. In this case, the servo needs to be replaced, "or the servo plug falls off,which is less likely to happen"; 2. There is no sound when you press the button for flipping hopper, in this case there is a problem with the remote control, please replace RC.

13.Can not calibrate boat on water

1. Re-calibrate the remote control on the flat ground; 2. If the problem cannot be solved after calibration, the main circuit board of the boat needs to be replaced.

14.RC display flashes

Please replace battery of remote control

15.Motor not working

1.Please check if water goes into the main board and is burned.If so need to replace main board. 
2.Check if  weeds are stuck in motors.3. Check if motors are bad(this is less likely to happen).

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