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New 12V high speed waterproof Ocean Lake fishing speedbait boats with GPS

New 12V high speed waterproof Ocean Lake fishing speedbait boats with GPS

  • Main Functions:
    1.Upgraded 12V GPS high power high speed fishing bait boat with 40 GPS autopilot(auto return) positions.You can set 8 GPS auto pilot positions in a single lake,and you can set 8 positions in 5 lakes,totally 40 positions.Next time you come to a single lake,it remembers these spots and you can have your boats go to these spots freely.
  • 2.High power high speed. This fishing bait boat could reach a speed of 50KM per hour using standard 12V output, 10 times speed that of common bait boats,with a control range of 500 meters.
  • 3.This fishing bait boat uses a single hand held color display remote,quite easy to use and convenient.The remote shows boat status,direction,distance of boat from start position,bait status,which is a fully smart tool to help your fishing.
  • 4.Double seal design, IP60 waterproof design hull,lengthened hull,reinforced to resist big wind,waves weather in the ocean or lakes The stainless handle can be folded to store,anti-rust,perfect tool for fishing
  • 5.High speed double motors with 55mm large propellers make the boat a super nice race boat,not like toys.
  • 6.Our bait boat uses 20,000mAH high capacity battery, which provides more work time and strong power, it is able to load 3-5kg stuff. Whatever a tool for fishing or a gift to friends,this is an amazing present. 


    $298.00 Regular Price
    $286.00Sale Price
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