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JABO2BG RC Fishing Bait Boat with Built in Sonar Fish Finder and GPS)

JABO2BG RC Fishing Bait Boat with Built in Sonar Fish Finder and GPS)

Attention: This bait boat is not suitable for saltwater!


Fish Finder Function on Controller

Integrated Fish finder/GPS Controller: Fish finding mode+GPS working mode


Smart Auto Baiting with Dual GPS(Beidou) Navigation:


Fish Finder and lure light is located at bottom of boat,providing free angle and accurate detection

of fish size and depth, water temperature and underwater terrain.The lure light next to fish finder can attract fish in darkness and for night fishing. Note that the detection rate depends on water depth,it is suggested to use the fish finder for water depth above 2 meters(6ft).

Auto GPS navigation: The accuracy of GPS position is within 1 meter,most of the time,you have a 100% accuracy on the condition that you have set the start point properly. This bait boat uses the same transmitter as the fish finder, small and delicate, we can use it for one key auto baiting, fixed distance baiting(100m,200m,300m...), after baiting, boat will auto return to start point you have set. The GPS remembers as many as 16 target bait points. Never worry about losing boat, the boat will return whenever these situations happen in 2 mins: losing signal, low battery,out of range.

✔Auto flip bait tray and recover. Bait tray can flip about 2kg baits and auto flip back to keep the boat steady on the water and protects baits from being eaten by birds.


Technical Parameters

Boat Size: 600*215*230mm (23.6''x8.4''x9'')

Net Weight: 2.4KG(5.2LB)

Battery Type: 7.4V 10,000mA Li-on rechargeable battery, last about 2.5-3 hours

No-Load Speed: 70 metes/min within 300 meters

Remote Control GPS Range: 1000M.

Drive Components: dual 575 motor drive, built-in 4-leaf propeller

Basic functions: forward, turn left, turn right, back, throw bait (release hook), explore water terrain,fish, lure fish light, automatic navigation.

Built-in Navigation Module: GPS+Beidou dual mode

Bait Load: 2KG

Orientation correction: Electronic compass

Model Number: JABO-2AG/2BG

Remote Control Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V, 500mA Li battery

Remote Control Frequency: 2.4GHz


Packaging of our bait boat

1x Bait boat with GPS and Fish finder inside boat

1x Rechargeable 10,000mA boat battery,

1x Remote Controller,

1x Remote controller charger,

1x Boat battery charger,

1x Instruction book

For any after service,please contact us in time,we will response and answer your questions in time.

For example,if you need any more parts or want to diy your boat,do let us know,

Your good experience is our proud.

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